Folding a Shawl

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A shawl (poncho or scarf) can be frustrating to fold. Start with the fringes or edge first. Learn how to fold a shawl in this free clothing care video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Fold Different Types of Shirts
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Video Transcript

Now we have the shawl. Now you might call it a poncho, or a scarf, or depending on where you were raised, but for today's purposes it will be a shawl. And I want you to fold this as neatly as possible. It's cool because it's decorative; it has different kind of shape, but it's also frustrating and makes you want to just ball it up and toss it to the side. But we will not do that today. I want you to start with the side with the fringes. Because that will cause the most eye distraction once it's on the shelf. Pull it over to the side, and take your time placing it in the center. Then you're going to take the other side, equal distance, equal length, grab your ruler if you like. But if not, just eye it to make sure it's equal, square, yet rectangular at the same time. Then you're going to pull the center, or the bottom to the center and flatten it out. Because when you're maximizing space, and you want to be organized, you want to keep everything as flat, tight, and tidy as possible. And now, your final move. Take the top, bring it to the bottom. One more time, flip it over, press it out. And now you have your Grandma's shawl, folded up tight, tidy, neat and organized.


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