How to Add a Belt to a Santa Costume

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Learn how to add a belt to a Santa Claus costume for a Christmas party in this free holiday video clip on holiday costume ideas.

Part of the Video Series: How to Make a Santa Claus Costume
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Video Transcript

The next step is putting on our Santa Claus belt. This belt should be black with some gold metal buckling on there, and it should actually work as a real belt. A lot of Santa Claus costumes have the belt where it's really weird built in, no offense, cheap belt. It's really great to actually have a real belt that you're going to be basically putting around your waist and fastening. This will give you extra support for your Santa Claus costume, especially if you have a pillow stuck underneath. It'll basically help hold the pillow to your body and keep the string coming loose throughout the evening. You're basically going to put on the Santa Claus belt much like you would a real belt. Sling it back behind your back wrapping it all the way around. Then you're going to come to the front and it's going to meet right around the waist area. Come through. The buckle's going to be really wide, so sometimes you might need a little bit of assistance. You want it to be pretty tight , so definitely press it. Then there's going to be another slip to go through. You're going to want the belt buckle to be right underneath down on the white. You can see here right here on the white. It should really line up. It shouldn't be off to the areas or in any of the red zones yet. Make sure that basically it's nice and tight so the metal's not stressed and it's a nice snug fit for you Santa Claus costume.


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