Folding Parts of a Shirt to Make a Pattern

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Fold a cut shirt to form perfect shapes for pattern making; learn how to make a pattern from your favorite t-shirt in this free video on fashion design and sewing.

Part of the Video Series: Pattern Making From a Shirt
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Video Transcript

So I've cut everything apart and I've labeled one with a B for back, and one with an F for front. What we're going to want to do is, fold them in half down the center front to find the middle point, because we're only going to make half of a pattern, because it should be symmetrical right, technically we're supposed to be symmetrical, I think everyone's off just a little bit. But this t shirt is also going to be off, as you can see, the grain of knit shifts a lot if it's not cut out perfectly in the beginning, and I doubt that the factory laid all the knit out to find the perfect grain, so it shifted a little bit. We're just going to just have to compensate for it. Just make it work, make it fit, so now we have half front and we do the same with the back and we just make it fit together , and there we go, now we can start tracing around it.


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