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Learn all about shaving unwanted hair with expert grooming tips in this free hair removal video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I'm Holly Olson. I'm here to talk to you about shaving which is the most wildly popular way to get rid of hair for most everybody mostly on the legs. Sometimes people shave their arms, however, I tell you please don't shave your face! It is very very bad for your skin as well as can make the hair grow back thicker and darker. Now shaving does only remove the hair from the skin surface so it will grow back faster because you are not actually taking it from the ball out. Most shaving products are creams and gels and I highly recommend using an actual cream on your skin before shaving. Do not use bar soap or any other products or lotion; use an actual shaving cream. Here I have a little shaving gel and just to demonstrate the proper shaving technique, we are going to put the gel on in a downward motion which is following the line of the hair, the growth of the hair which is downward. When you go to shave, you want a nice wet shaver. Make sure you use very good blades. You don't ever want to take any kind of dull blade onto your skin because that is where you get a lot of bumps and razor rash is from too dull of a blade. So make sure that you shave upward, against the grain of the skin and hair growth. When done with shaving, always rinse really well. Take a nice hot steaming shower and even before shaving it will help your skin to take a hot bath prior to shaving because it helps open up the pours and so the hair comes out a little cleaner, a little closer by creating that valley in the follicle by having a nice hot steam shower first or hot bath first. But after make sure you rinse really well and complete it with a nice moisturizer.


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