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Learn about depilatories and other cream hair removers with expert grooming tips in this free hair removal video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I'm Holly Olson, I am going to talk today about depilatories which is a cream based hair removal. What you will find with a lot of these on the market, they may have a little scraper tool that you can use to help remove the hair. But they still are only removing the hair from the skin surface. They are not removing from the root ball. Therefore with depilatories, hair will come back a little quicker. Most of them are cream based and even the application you want to look at the skin and make sure you prep the skin first. Clean skin after shower as well as doing a little patch test on yourself somewhere where clothes will hide it. If I was going to patch test this cream, I would leave it on just a spot of the skin and wait 10 minutes before doing an application. Now that we have decided the skin is not sensitive to the depilatory, always know that if you are fair skin, red head, very light blond, you are more than likely be sensitive to products but following the growth of the hair. The application, I am using a spatula here, you can use your fingers if you want; you want to go downward with the hair just brushing strokes and you would leave the depilatory or the cream wax or powder on for approximately 10 minutes, no longer than 12 minutes but follow the directions on the product that you purchased and after it has sat for a length of time, you would use a lot of cool water. For the purposes of this video, I am just going to use a cold rag and wipe the cream down and let the hair come off with it. At home, you want to take a really cleansing shower as well as ex foliate and follow with a very good moisturizing cream.


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