How to Trim a Beard


Watch how to trim a beard in this free video.

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Video Transcript

In this next segment we'll continue to clean this side of the mustache that is now longer than the other side. As you can see, I cleaned off all around his upper lip creating a nice soft line that opens up this part of the mouth, connects the mustache to the round of the lower part of the mustache and gives me a nice, clean soft line that ends up on the twirl of the longer side of the mustache. We'll create the exact same thing on this side. Perfect. Now you can see the upper contour line of the lip. The next thing that I'm going to do is I'm going to pull the longer side of the mustache towards my body and remove about a quarter inch. How you go about defining this is that you will start to see that there's different lengths of hair and that's what you need to remove to create a nice sharp line. So pull it towards me and clean it off. I will twirl his mustache and expose the rest of the part of the goatee that needs to be cleaned and that will connect upper lip to the nice soft line and the longer side of his mustache. It's already dropped the part of the mustache that I need to clean so I will turn him a little bit so that you can see where it is that I need to clean this off. The facial hair itself, as you start to play with it, as I start to twirl it, it tells me exactly where it needs to be cleaned because the part of the facial hair that needs to be cut off drops off of where I'm twirling and pulling and you can see a nice line connecting from the upper lip to this longer side of the mustache. Twirl it and its right there. So this is what I will clean. The remainder of the cut I will freestyle removing bits and pieces that just have no place on this nice clean beard, goatee, long mustache and the complete style of it. By freestyling I'm removing the sharp edges that need to just be removed from this.


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