How to Shape the Crown of a Cowboy Hat

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Shaping and reshaping the crown of a cowboy hat gives it a personality; hear how to choose and take care of your cowboy hat in this free video on casual and dress cowboy hats.

Part of the Video Series: Picking & Taking Care of Cowboy Hats
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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dustin here on behalf of Expert Village and here at AA Callister's. Now I'm going to show you, after we've done deep cleansing, now we are going to take care of this crown. This crown originally did have a telescopic crown like I did show you before in the Buckaroo style, and we'll just put that back into it, it has that original crease so it won't be hard. What I'll do is take this stiffener, here, what it is basically modified starch, it smells a lot like aqua net back in the eighties, real strong stuff. Now we just want a nice, gentle, even coat on that. Hit it with some steam so it kind of penetrates. Now, keep in mind there are a hundred and one ways of shaping a hat, this is just a very simple way that I like to do it. We just want to wipe off that excess, otherwise it will crystallize on the top and it will create a grayish appearance to your hat, so we just want to wipe off the excess. Now, real quick, with this crown, since it's already been shaped that way it's not too hard. What we do is, it's just been dented out, so we just steam it up a little bit which makes it soft and pliable. We just want to put it back to the way it was originally. We just kind of play with the felt a little bit, and put it all the way down. We take my friend, sally here. Sally is real great with those divots. I don't have any fancy machinery, but this is stuff you can do at home which is really nice, and you get a nice crown. And that's the basic way of doing a telescopic crown.


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