Teaching Kids with Alphabet Sound Charts

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Learn how to teach kids the alphabet with alphabet sound charts, and teach them to learn a word that starts with each letter of the alphabet, in this free home schooling video on education.

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Video Transcript

One of the very next things we do after singing the alphabet song is the alphabet sounds chant and the kids love this. Sometimes even more than the alphabet song and it's a great routine, you can do it as many times, but make sure you start out doing it each time you tutor or home school. And we will start with the a and go all the way through. As we go through it and as you do it day after day and the children start learning the sounds, they're going to say hey, how about I use, instead of using this for this letter, how about I use a different word and that's great, let them be creative, as long as it fits, let them change this or you can switch it up and say we're not going to use cat today, we're going to use cole slaw or something else that starts with a c but have fun with it and it is fun and you'll find that your child loves it. So here we'll start, ready, and go.....a aaa apple, b buh ball, c cuh cat, d duh dog, e eh elephant, f fff frog, g guh goat, h ha hat, i ii igloo, j juh jump, k kuh kitten, l ll light, m mmm man, n nnn not, o oh octopus, p puh pepper, q quh, now q doesn't have a quh sound unless there's a u but it almost always does so just teach them it that way, q quh queen, r rrr rabbit, s sss sun, t tuh telephone, u uh umbrella, v vuh victor, w wuh water x ex, now x is never in the beginning of a word with the sound that it usually uses so x is the only one that goes at the end, x foxx and I teach x, the sound sounds like ice breaking, that's what I tell the children, practice, so x fox, y yuh, yellow, z zuh zebra and that's it.


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