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Learn how yoga can benefit carpal tunnel syndrome with expert yoga tips from an professional instructor in this free alternative medicine video clip.

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Video Transcript

So today we're going to talk about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It's common injury or situation that lots of people find them in. Lots of keyboard work and lots of hand work can make the wrists and the forearms and the hand muscles really tight and constricted and can cause pain. The syndrome actually isn't necessarily always isolated to the wrist itself. It can start from the neck and shoulder area. If someone has a bad posture let's say, or they're constantly in this position- whether they're holding a baby, working over a counter top, or a keyboard, the shortening, and the collar bones in the chest, and over rounding the upper back can create impingement and pressure underneath the collar bones, then compressing the nerves and the line of muscles that go down to the hands. So while today we are going to work on opening up the hands and getting more mobility in the wrists, we'll also look at all the other relationships with the shoulders and the neck area and the upper back. There is a band of tendons that wraps around the wrist and is called the retinaculum and this band can get constricted and can cut off circulation and flow to the bones and muscles and tendons and veins of the hand and wrist. And it can actually cause some of the muscles in the hands to atrophy- particularly this guy- the thenar muscle. And then when this starts to happen, it actually can affect circulation in the heart and in the lungs. So there's a lot of correlation between the palm of the hand and the upper chest- thumb and index finger relating to lung health, pinky finger relating to heart health, if you look at Chinese medicine.


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