Si Stebbins Deck Setup & Chased Order Card Trick

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Learn about Si Stebbins Deck Setup and CHaSeD Order in this free card magic video.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I’m Malik the Magic Guy for Now I want to talk to you about another full deck setup that’s really useful. This is a classic one, it’s old as anything, and it’s in all the books, but it’s a really great one, and I want to teach you about it. It’s called the Si Stebbins setup; and I also want to teach you about something called chased order. But first let me show you what the Si Stebbins setup looks like. Now this, at a quick examination, looks like a shuffled deck of cards, but here’s what I know about this deck of cards. Each card going along is three higher in value than the one next to it, so 4+3 is 7; 7+3 is 10; 10+3 is king. Now with court cards, a jack is 11, a queen is 12 and a king is 13, and then it starts over again. So we’ll make the king like it’s a 0; 0+3 is 3; 3+3 is 6; 6+3 is 9; 9+3 is 12, and then it starts again and it goes 2, 3, 5. Now just like what I told you about with the full back ace through king setup, if we cut this it doesn’t change the order of the cards, it just changes where they start and where they finish. I also want to point out something about the suits. The classic Si Stebbins setup is in something called chased order. Now chased stands for clubs, hearts, spades, diamonds—C H S D—chased is the word we use to remember that. So if I know that, and I know that all the cards are three higher in value, now I can do a bunch of really cool tricks using the Si Stebbins setup. Now the easiest way to get into this really, is just to take a new deck and rearrange the cards, start with the ace of hearts, and then you would go the 4 of spades and keep going, so on and so forth. So you can actually start right about here, and this would be right here, and if you were going to set this up just yourself. Now you can carry this around, you can use false shuffles and cuts, and you can do a bunch of really cool tricks with this, I’m going to show you a few in just a minute. That’s the basic Si Stebbins setup.


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