How to Lock the Guitar String into the Tuning Post

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Learn how to lock the guitar string to the tuning post of your acoustic guitar to ensure that your instrument will remain in tune and play music beautifully in this free video series.

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Video Transcript

MATT GRAHAM: Okay. Now, we're on to the most important step. Once you've measured the right length of your string, keep your finger on the nut to secure it. And then this is actually the part where we're going to lock the string to itself to keep our stretching of our string at a minimum. And the way we're going to accomplish this is actually--you're gonna--the strings on these three pegs on this side of the headstock, we're actually going to wind clockwise so towards the inside of the headstock. And you're actually going to wrap it underneath itself like this and pull it tight so it kinks and then once you're at this step, again, you've got the loose end of the string underneath the end that's connected to the bridge, you're going to wrap back over itself like that. So now what we have here is the string is wrapping around itself, and now we'll be ready to move on to wind it and that will be the step that locks it into place.


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