Tuning Conga Drums

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If your conga drum is out of tune it will never sound good. Learn how to tun conga drums with tips from a professional conga drum player in this free music lesson video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Play Conga Drums
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Video Transcript

OK, what you see here are three different conga drums; three different sizes, three different sounds. We have the toomba, or base drum, the sabundo, the second drum, then the kinto, the high pitched drum. So you have your kinto, your conga, and your toomba. Now, tuning is very important. They are tuned drums. Traditional tuning for two drums, the low drum would be G, below middle C. And the kinto, tuned to middle C, that's the fourth apart from G to C. You third drum, or your second drum here, the conga drum, I personally try to tune to E flat. That is just my preference, or to the song It's Cheaper to Keep Her. So you hear the sound. For melodic purposes I like that type, particular type tuning, but for traditional tuning once again the low drum G, below middle C, and the kinto at C. Now, when you're tuning your conga drum, of course you're tuning from here and your turning. Now how many turns and how far the sound you tune it up to. Well that should be your C. OK. How do you know the drum is tuned evenly, alright? Now what I do is I tap above the key. This is your tuning key, above that and I tap. Now did you hear that? That's higher, that's lower. So I've got to tune this up. Play with it some more. Now let me try this one, tune this one up, try to bring it, there we go, OK. Almost. That's pretty un-tuned. There you go. Alright, and you go around to every key, see? That's OK. A little low. Punch it. OK, next. Woah. Bring that done a little bit, punch it. A little bit here, punch it. Just a touch. And there you go. That's how you tune your drums.


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