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Professional advice on producing an independent film! Learn about release forms and how to make an indie film in this free video.

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With the actors, before you start the production, you've got to have them sign the release forms and basically as you're doing the documentary or you're interviewing people and they're going to be on camera or these actors are going to be on camera. So, they have to sign the release form saying that they give you permission to video tape them, to be in this movie, you own all rights to the movie and all they're entitled to is a copy of the DVD or a small payment if you're paying the actors anything. It's all stated right there. I wouldn't recommend putting in any type of residuals that you're going to get from the movie because most likely they are going to get none. So just have everything complete within their release form and within their agreement. But if you get an actor who doesn't want to sign it, it's going to hunt you. So, you definitely don't want to use that person. If they're really adamant saying, "Oh, I don't want to sign a release form." Find somebody else because it's simply not worth the hassle. The purpose of the release form is for your safety and for your production. You're never going to have to show the release forms to a distributor; if you sell the movie. You're never going to have to really use it for anything other than if an actor comes to you and say, "I don't want to be in the movie. You can't use me. Don't release it." But, you pull out your release form that says, hey, you gave me permission that I could use you. So, there's no changing their mind after they say it. It's kind of a safety net for you. So, definitely; release form, very important.


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