How to Use a Vibraslap

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Learn about the construction and use of a vibraslap in this free video series that will show you how to play this mandible and provide you with other percussion instrument techniques with these video music lessons.

Part of the Video Series: How to Play a Vibraslap
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Video Transcript

I'm here to demonstrate vibraslap. This sound was used, it's used a lot be a group called, Cake. Jethro Tull used it. Rush used it. REM has a song called Orange Crush. Arrowsmith has a song called Sweet Emotion with this at the beginning. And what I think of is Ozzy Osbourne's track, Crazy Train. So you may recognize this from several studio recordings that you've heard. This is what's producing that sound. Now this instrument replaced and instrument called the jawbone, which was actually a horse's jawbone, devoid of all the gums and flesh, so you were just left with the bones and teeth intact. And when you hit the jawbone with your fist, it would cause all of the teeth to rattle inside of that skull creating that rattlesnake type of sound. Now, LP made this because it's a lot more durable and it's also kind of tunable more so than the organic skull of a horse. So, there's your vibraslap and it's application in a nutshell.


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