How to Protect Fragile Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Learn how to protect fragile Christmas tree ornaments in this free holiday video.

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Video Transcript

After we have our smaller ornaments strung up on our tree and also just the ones that we are not worried about breaking, it's time to move on to the bigger and also more fragile ornaments. What exactly is a bigger, fragile ornament? Well, it's almost anything that your spouse gets you; things that will make you nervous if you accidentally dropped them or anything like that. Don't even tell my wife I did that with this ornament. So, if it's glass, if it's mirror or if it's a very...nicer, you know, more of a porcelain material that clanks when you move it around, if it has a nice intricate wood carving, if there's a special memory attached to it, save these ornaments for later on in your ornament hanging. That will mean that a bunch of the other basic, standard orbs and other things (which, hey, you don't want to break them, but you care less about them) will already be on your tree. So, we are going to hang these on our tree now and we are going to be careful in how we hang them. Let's look around for good, very sturdy branches. Now, if you don't see a branch that works especially well (this is a nice little benefit of an artificial Christmas tree), you can simply take the branch and bend it up to make sure that these ornaments aren't going to slip off. Go back at least an inch on the branch. These are the types of ornaments that you don't want to have right on the edge, but at the same time you want to see them. Then proceed to hang the other ones up as well. Try not to cluster them too much. You want them to be their own special little thing. Like here, this is too close; these ornaments are too clustered. So, that's not good. So look around for another one, a different branch that is going to work so that you basically have like it's own separate emphasis on your artificial Christmas tree. Then basically we are going to move on and we are going to kind of spread out these ornaments through out our tree and then we'll be done with the ornaments.


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