How to Estimate the Length of Christmas Tree Lights

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Learn how to estimate the length of Christmas tree lights in this free holiday video.

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We have already covered how long to have your Christmas lights to some degree. But here is a nice simple formula to keep in mind generally take the height of the tree and multiply by a factor of ten. That would actually get you close to how many feet of Christmas lights that you are going to need. If anything maybe a touch overboard but that is okay. Having a little bit of excess lights is much easier then not having nearly enough. Another thing to keep in mind is buying the same brands of Christmas lights strands would also help you connect them and plug them into each other. Observe here we have strand A which we just did a great job of decorating the first half of our Christmas tree the bottom. Everything is beautiful but the problem is we have now ran out of lights and still have the upper half of the tree to do. This is where strand be comes in handy. If you have two different kinds of Christmas lights of the same brand now days it would usually you get a female plug in one end of your first strand and a male plug on the other. What you basically do is then plug these guys together and then they would all line up. You would still need one electrical socket on the first strand which would be the other end of that electrical socket. This is a great way to connect up the lights. They are often camouflage to match your tree so unless you have this up on the tree which I do not suggest you would be able to like have nice seenless. In this case sixty feet of Christmas lights which would be more then enough for your six to seven foot tree in for this holiday season.


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