Filling the Horn of a Fall Cornucopia Centerpiece

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Easy autumn decorations for your table! Learn how to fill your fall cornucopia centerpiece or horn of plenty in this free craft video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Make Halloween Centerpieces
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Video Transcript

Now that we have all of our supplies together we are going to turn this cornucopia and this charger into a beautiful centerpiece. When you are stuffing a cornucopia, the easiest way to do it is use vegetables that are like a squash, small on one end and large at the other and put that on all the way up into the corner of the cornucopia. You probably aren't going to see much of it but it will give you a place to begin and then you just start stuffing some vegetables around, pushing them in as far as you can because of course, you want them to spill out onto the plate. If they won't stay in, just keep pushing them, working with them until they stay in because you will have enough of them that eventually they are going to all stay right where you want them to stay. So once you get them into the horn as much as you can then you can stat spilling out onto the plate with your vegetables. You want to have enough because of course horn of plenty means plenty and then you can add some more picks into the basket once you have got those other vegetables in there and then even add some more around on the plate. Just put it out until you feel comfortable with it and then I like to just put a few of the fall leaves around just kind of randomly, like maybe they just kind of drift down from the sky and got caught up in this beautiful basket, this beautiful horn of plenty. When you feel that you are happy with it, if you would like you can always secure these things to your plate and make a permanent display or you can just leave them around and let them drift around and then you will be able to take them off and be able to use this plate for another display at another time. So just work with it and keep at it until you have enough. If you think you have too much take some of it out, maybe throw in some smaller vegetables, just fill it up because it is a horn of plenty. Once you are satisfied with that you have a beautiful basket or horn of plenty and a very nice centerpiece and in a minute we are going to turn this into a Halloween centerpiece.


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