Using Icing to Assemble a Graham Cracker Gingerbread House

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Learn easy-to-follow instructions for using royal icing to assemble a graham cracker gingerbread house with expert tips in this free Christmas craft video.

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Video Transcript

In this clip I'm gonna show you how to assemble your graham cracker house. I'm starting here with my bag filled with the royal icing. I just used a spoon and loaded it in, and gave it a twist and made sure that the icing came to the top and had no air bubbles. On this piece of parchment paper, I'm going to start gluing the roof sections together. Just by loading on. Remember, this all going to be covered by candy. I'm gonna glue those two pieces together. We're gonna give that time to dry, and then when it's ready to go on the top of the house it'll be good and hard. So we'll leave that set aside to dry. Takes about fifteen or twenty minutes for royal icing to dry. Now we're gonna build our base here. We're gonna start by just making a line. You want it nice and thick. It will almost stand straight up, as you see, Because it's so thick it's really like glue. You put it on the bottom, and on the side, and we're gonna go over this. Once it's all together, we'll be doing some extra trimming. What I love about these houses is you can really do them in an afternoon. You don't have to spend the whole day making the gingerbread. So we're gonna let this dry for a few minutes, and then we'll come back and add the second layer. All right, now that that has set up and everything is good and solid, we're gonna add our second layer just like we did the first. Another inside trick you can do is to add some icing on the inside corners. That will give it some added stability, and that will dry hard. So we're gonna go ahead and add these sides. This gets a little tricky here. You can even use some canned goods just to give you an extra hand for a second. You're putting your icing on the bottom and the sides. Then we're gonna add on our points. This is a little tricky because we're doing it before it is set up. Maybe not. Sometimes if you just hold it for a minute it'll set, and there it goes. Do the other end. This little tip just broke off, but we'll fix that. Sometimes you just have to come in a give it a little...hang onto it for a second until it dries. What's great is that you can mend these little pieces up. All right, and we'll let that set, whoa, hang on. I'm gonn a hang on to that, and we're gonna let it set, and in part two we're gonna attach the roof.


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