How to Draw a Pattern for a Christmas Stocking

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Sewing a Christmas stocking is easy! Learn how to draw a pattern for homemade quilted Christmas stockings in this free how-to video clip.

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Video Transcript

Okay so now that we have picked out our fabric and we have all of our materials, it’s time to make the stocking. What you want to do is grab your piece of paper and your pencil and we are going to draw out a basic outline of just the shape of a sock; something that would kind of looks like this. What you want to keep in mind is this when you do your really rough shave kind of like I am doing now, all you want to do is just draw it out and you want to make it bigger than the actual stocking that you are going to end up with. That’s because you want to allow for a little bit of a seam on the side so if it’s a rough shaped stocking that is totally okay. Just kind of draw it out and remember you are using a pencil so you can always go back and do this over again. If you are going to make multiple stockings, you can also use a piece of cardboard and draw this out on once you get a final one because then you can have a pattern that you can go back to again and again instead of having to draw it out over and over. Like I said if you need to make any adjustments at any time, you can just go ahead and erase them. It’s just the basic shape, real simple; just the basic shape of a sock. Okay once you are done sketching out your little stocking, we are just going to cut it out and we will be ready for the next step.


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