Youth Basketball Drills: Defensive Slides

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Improve agility on defense. Learn how to do defensive slide drill to improve youth basketball player skills and stamina in this free coaching lesson video.

Part of the Video Series: Basketball Drills for Youth Basketball
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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Sean Hobson. One thing you want to try to do as much as possible is to incorporate not only conditioning, but also the general basic basketball skills into conditioning. One thing we're going to show you here is how to use defensive slides in a conditioning method. We're going to let one guy demonstrate one, one demonstrate the other way that we use defensive slides. The first is, we call lane slides. And what we're going to do is we're going to have Zack come up. He's just going to start on one side of the lane, and we usually do this for about a forty-five second period, then let people rest, and then we do it again. Basically what he's going to do is as fast as he can go, and as few steps as he can go, he's going to do defensive slides to one side and touch. We never want them to come straight up and go back down. We want them to stay low so that all he has to do is touch, he's going to go to the other side and touch. So, he's going to demonstrate what this looks like. These are called lane touches. Ready, go. See how he stays low, he's got his hands already down there. All right, stop. We're going to do that for about forty-five seconds. That gives them a good workout and it also works on staying low defensively. The other that we do is we'll run these from the free throw line and half court, and these are called defensive touches. So, Ben we'll have you come down and get in defensive stance. He's going to be facing the wall. What he's going to do is he's going to defensive slide all the way out to the free throw line, touch it, and go back. He's going to touch the end line and then go to half court and back. This is another way of not only conditioning, but also working on defensive slides. Ready, go. Good, he comes back. We want them to try to go as fast as they can to get a good condition in. All right, then after you go to the free throw line, then you're going to work it down to half court, and if you really want to you can go all the way down and hit every line on the basketball court. These are a couple ways that we can use defensive slides in our conditioning.


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