Youth Basketball Drills: Dribble Line Touches

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Dribble like a point guard. Learn how to do dribble line touch drill to improve youth basketball player skills and stamina in this free coaching lesson video.

Part of the Video Series: Basketball Drills for Youth Basketball
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Video Transcript

We're going to show you one right here that we like to use at the beginning of practice to kind of get these guys in good shape. It's typically on line touches, the drill is that you're just going to go from the line and you're going to come to a new line, and you're going to reach down, you're going to touch it, and run back. Some call it a suicide drill. What this is, we're going to incorporate dribbling into this. So what we're going to do is he's going to dribble up, and the first line he's going to touch is this one--he's going to touch it with his foot. Now one thing we tell the players not to do--don't cheat the lines. Don't step in front of the lines, go all the way to the lines or over, because you don't want to cheat yourself. Then he's going to switch it back into his weak hand and he's going to come back to the end line, he's going to go to half court, touch the end line, and go all the way down to the other end. And he's going to run this back and forth. This is what we call short lines. Here in just a second we're going to show you long lines. These guys are going to demonstrate what it looks like at full speed, short lines. Ready, go. Good, back, they stay low, you see them move the ball back and forth between hands. Now they're going to go all the way down to the free throw line. Good. Then when they come back they're going to finish up, and we'll either hand it off to the next person and they can go. There's also another variation which we do of this called long, where they go all the way down to the end first, touch those lines, then work themselves back to the short end. Either way, you do the exact same thing. So this is a good way to incorporate dribbling into your conditioning.


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