Youth Basketball Warmup Drills: Three-Man Weave

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Get your heart pumping for practice. Learn how to do three-man weave to warm up for youth basketball in this free coaching lesson video.

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Video Transcript

Hi. This is Sean Hobson and what we want to work with right now is, we want to work on a drill that's going to improve our passing and also improve our ability of moving up the court while passing the ball. One of the best ways you can advance the ball up against the defense is, not by the dribble, but by the pass. So this is a good game-type drill. Gets them moving at game speed passing the ball back and forth. What this is called is a "three-man weave". This is a drill that most coaches use. It's a very, very good drill. What we're going to do is, we're going to start by passing the ball to the wing. As we make the pass, here's the rule you want to remember: every time you pass the ball, you want to go behind the man that you're making the pass to. So we're going to kind of walk through it real quick. So he's going to make the pass. He's going to cut behind this guy. Now this guy is going to be advancing the ball in this direction. So actually, as--when you go faster speed--as you catch it, you want to take a step with it, and go ahead and get rid of it. But the key to this drill is, as you catch it, you want to catch and pop the ball back out. And you want to stay very close to each other as you're working the three-man weave up. So obviously he passed. He went behind. Now Kyle's going to go ahead and pass to Hunter. He's going to work behind. All right guys, lets go back and lets show it at full speed here. Normally what we do is, we do three sets of this. On the first three-man weave, we're going to weave down and weave back. The second time through, we weave down, we finish it at the end off the bounce pass, and then we come down and score at this end. And the third time through, we're going to score it at one end, and the shooter is going to sprint back on defense; so you can turn it into a little bit of a shooting and defensive drill. So lets just go through the first one. So we're going to three-man weave down and back. Go. Good. Stay close...stay close. Good job popping the ball. All right, weave it on back. Good. All right, now we're going to show third. We actually showed a combination right there, of three-man weave and scoring. This is the last one we're going to do real quickly. We're going to go down, the shooter is going to make the shot, and then he's going to sprint back on defense. Here's what it looks like. All right, go. Sprint back, sprint back, sprint back. He's going to try to stop the ball up high. Good. Drop back on defense. Finish it, finish it. Good. Now, so you can see how you can turn just a simple three-man weave drill into a defensive drill as well. And this is three different ways that we work on our passing.


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