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Tips for playing zone defense in basketball. Learn how to set up a 3-2 zone in this free youth basketball lesson video from an experienced coach.

Part of the Video Series: Zone Defense in Youth Basketball
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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Sean Hobson. Right now we're talking about how to set up different zones. You can run all kinds of different zones--they all have different numbers depending on where you put the players on the floor. One zone that I like to use is set up as a 3-2 type of zone; however we use this middle man to run the entire middle. And what I do is we have three across the top. Usually I'll have my two guards on the outside that are controlling their specific area. This guy's responsible--if I were to draw squares on the court, his square is right here. So he's worried about the elbow, the high post, and all the way out to the side. Our low man is responsible for this area on this side, the lower block, all the way out to the corner. This guy in the middle is going to be quite different. His job is he's going to come up top and he's going to guard anything up top. As the ball moves offensively, as the ball moves down this direction, he's going to drop, and now he's responsible for the--he basically stays at ball level the whole time. As the ball continues to move down, then he's going to drop down here. As this guy closes out to the corner, he's going to drop down and take the low block, because he's responsible for staying with the ball here. That way we can get some traps down in the corner, and we've got this guy coming down. He's also then responsible as the ball is on that side for that side. This guy up here is responsible for his quadrant, this guy down here is responsible for his quadrant, and this guy mans the entire middle. That's one way you can play the 3-2, or you can just keep this guy up at the top, in the 3-2. But that's how you set up that particular defense.


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