Dumbbell Chest Fly Exercise

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Watch a demonstration of dumbbell chest fly exercise in this free workout video lesson on the chest muscle exercise.

Part of the Video Series: Chest Muscle Exercise Techniques
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Video Transcript

The next exercise that we’re going to do are dumbbell chest flies. Again, you must have a little bit more balance and control over the weight, because one arm is working at a time when you bring your arms together. Careful not to hyperextend your shoulders and bring your arms past your shoulders, because you do not want to hyperextend. Same form. Feet either flat on the floor, on the apparatus of the machine, or you can lie flat on your back with your feet up on the bench. Go ahead and grab your weights and come down. This time, you’re going to start with your arms over your head. Try not to break your wrist. You don’t want to your wrist to break this way. Keeping them straight. Navel to spine. Slight bend in your elbows. Moving from the shoulder joint, you’re going to inhale as you open. Exhale as you close, good. Inhale open, exhale squeeze, and close. Very good. Working through the muscles of the chest. Inhale and exhale. Inhale as you open. Exhale as you close. Perfect.


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