Using the Leg Press Exercise Machine at the Gym

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Learn how to use the leg press machine at the gym for strength training exercises in this free instructional video on gym exercise machine use.

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Video Transcript

And we’re here at Extreme Fitness in Laurel Springs, New Jersey and today I’m going to demonstrate how to properly use a leg press. Now the proper way to use a leg press is you want to make sure that every thing is lined up. You want to make sure your feet are lined up with your knees that are lined up with your hips. You don’t want to have one foot up higher than the other, you don’t want to be too low in the leg press, you want to be just where every thing is even, and you want your heels to take a majority of the weight. So once you have yourself set you also want to make sure that you never ever take yourself off of the bench, you never want to come up like so that puts you at extreme risk for lower back injury. To start off we press up, move our safeties that allows us to get full range of motion, we come down nice and slow, weight on your heels, push up and squeeze your leg muscles, you can see I’m not locking my knees. I’m coming down inhaling, coming up I’m pressing and exhaling. Never lock a joint under weight, as you’re going through a range of motion you’ll notice that I don’t take my hips off the bench and I don’t throw the weight around. The worst thing you can do for yourself is to let all this weight come down quickly, you want to smoothly control it. This gives you the best possible workout for you legs, safely as possible. Make sure you never ever put too much weight on this machine because you can really hurt your back. And as you’re going through the range of motion you can see the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes are getting pumped up which is what you want, you’ll start to feel that anaerobic burn in your legs. As you’re going to do at the end of the motion, you want to make sure that you have enough juice in your legs to be able to get it back to the top, rack it safely and bring it back down. That’s how to properly use a leg press.


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