Dead Bug Core Exercise

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The dead bug core exercise has a funny name, but it's a very challenging fitness training move that will help you build strength and stability in the core muscles of your body. Learn how to do the dead bug in this free core training workout video.

Part of the Video Series: Core Exercises
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Video Transcript

KIRK VICKERS: The next movement that we're going to do is called the dead bug. Everybody loves this movement just for the name but be careful. Just because it sounds cute, this is a very difficult movement and a very technical movement. Again, this is a bit more of an advanced movement so I wouldn't recommend this for someone that hasn't done some of the previous core work that we've talked about. Again, our position is going to be that 90-90 position. Our back is flat. Our arms are down to the side. We're going to go through some extension now. Again, the key and the goal, keep that low back flat, belly bottom to spine, really flattening that out. We're going to go opposite arm, opposite leg. We're not going to go very far. Once I feel my back is starting to arch, I gotta come back and then alternate over to the other side. Keep the low back flat and then switch it. Keeping the back flat and you can tell by my voice, I'm working to keep my back flat in that low-back, back-down position. Nice and slow, we're not rushing through this. Keep your toes up, push out and keep the back flat. We don't necessarily need to touch down with our hands, keep that load in that midsection of the body. Keeping the low back flat, always thinking about the position of where the low back is.


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