What is Core Training?

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Core training isn't just about strengthening the stomach; core exercises help to build strength in all of the muscles of the mid-section of the body, including muscles in the upper legs and back as well as the stomach. Learn more in this free core training video lesson.

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Video Transcript

KIRK VICKERS: Today, we're going to be talking about core strengthening and core training. I think there's a lot of misinformation about the core. Many people think that core training is just about abdominal strengthening. I believe it encompasses much more. When we think of the core and we talk about the core, we're looking at the musculature from the midthigh all the way to the lower ribcage and then we're looking 360 degrees all the way around the body. Some of the muscles that are involved within the core are the upper quadriceps, the hamstrings, the big muscles in the back of the body, the glute muscles, the big muscles here, the abdominals. And then, if we really want to get technical with this, we can even go deeper. The abdominal cavity and the abdominal region has three to four layers deep of musculature. The transverse abdominis, the obliques and even some deep muscles that attach right to the spine that I think are important--the multifidus, the short and long rotators and some--even muscles like the interossei, not the muscles that we always talk about--but I think they're important for developing strength within this midsection of the body. So today, we're going to give you some ideas on how to specifically strengthen this area.


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