The Inside Path of Your Golf Swing

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Learn how to improve your inside path to improve your golf drive from a golf pro in this free online instructional video lesson.

Part of the Video Series: How to Hit a Long Drive in Golf
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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Kensey Snyder. We’re going to talk about the inside out approach or path to the golf club. What happens here is when we get the club coming a little bit too far from the inside this way and we swing too far out the other way. This is the inside out, this is what produces our hooks and our draws, but also it produces many fat shots that we hit out on the range of the golf course because what happens is you stop turning then the club turns too far from the inside and you can see my lower body is trapped and my upper body gets trapped too far inside and I stop my turn which I said was so important for the impact zone. And from here you simply start flipping your hands in this motion and the weight does not move from right foot to left foot. So from here I get moving this way and the shot looks a little more like that. This also produces our draws and our hooks, but do it with the stance. So our wind is going to be like this and then from here let the hands release naturally and produce that draw or hook, but be aware of coming too far from the inside because it will stop you from turning and get you to hit a lot of blocks and a lot of ugly shots that can go all over the place. So in the next step we’ll talk about the correct path on the way down.


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