Kettlebell for Martial Arts Power Clean & Press Exercise

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Learn how to do the kettlebell power clean and press, an exercise to include in any kettlebell training routine in this free martial arts video lesson on kettebell training.

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Video Transcript

Hi! My name is Julio Anta of Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense in Miami, Florida and my website is And we will continue with kettlebells for the martial arts. As martial artists, we need the power in our core, our hips, punching or escaping on the ground if you are grappling, bridging out, all of that. Most kettlebell moves have that, this one in particular also. It’s called the power clean and press. And in the power clean and press, what we are going to do is, again, zip it to the rack position or the clean position. Zip it up, here. Catch it with your legs; that’s three dips on your legs. Two; bend your legs, push up and stare at it, stiff, bring it down, catch it. That was your third dip…and down. For instructional purpose I kept it up; never keep it up more than a second or too. So watch it again. Let me do it sideways so you can see my alignment: butt out like a little old lady looking for the chair, back in a C curve. Well I’ll go with the right hand so you can see it better here: catch it…now lift the hand out, dip the legs. Push, dip it and unzip it. So here we go; weight on your heels, catch, push, stare at it, bring it in, elbow tight, unzip. Excellent move as you can see. I am using my legs the way our body moves. In martial arts, your body is always moving together: lateral, forward, ballistic, going fast; perfect move for martial artists.


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