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Learn Kung Fu headbutting technique for self defense training, in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: Kung Fu Fighting for Self Defense
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Video Transcript

We’re going to cover another area of striking, the headbutts. Not one of the most common moves we use, but sometimes it’s the only one available when the arms are tied up, or limbs are in position where they can’t move far enough to strike. Common way for this would be if I’m going to grab her here and choke her, and the hands can’t come up reach to strike to strike something effective, especially if I’m much taller. What she can do is push my arms down, bringing my head forward. She wants to lean her head to break my nose. The thickest part of the skull is the front top, right in this area. That’s the part you normally use to strike with against the front of the opponent. Avoid the temporal area that’s where you can actually get some damage. You can even strike an opponent’s temporal area with this part of the head. We’re going to do another type of choke. If I’m coming with a double choke like this, bring both arms on top, and slam me down. Lean your head forward at the same time busting my nose here. Now bring an elbow into my face after that. So the technique is one, two. As I’m coming down like this and protecting my own face, driving this part of head into the opponent’s nose, following a quick elbow. Once the person comes up, attempts strangulation, and so you duck the head. Break the nose and follow an elbow, excellent. Another method that’s used is coming up with a grab from behind and have the arms restrained. She can drive the back of the head into the nose. Just drive that back, right. This can also be done as pushing force ?? (0125) to that technique ??.


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