How to Stand Up from Sitting Indian Style

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Learn how to stand up from sitting indian style with expert tips and advice on martial arts and soo bahk do in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Do Soo Bahk Do Stances
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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Geoff Sterling with Hollywood Soo Bahk Do and I am going to be talking about another form of conditioning and it also goes along with the theme of stances because some common stancing you might see and which is referred to by some Americans as sitting Indian stance is like this. Since we are used to furniture and couches it is usually uncomfortable for most people to sit this way but it's very comfortable to sit this way with the knees and you sit this way in Soo Bahk Do. There is a conditioning that you do like this and it is going to require a lot of balance and it is going to require some conditioning and it is also going to condition parts of your feet which you use for striking. What we are going to do from this position is basically stand up without using our hands. Now I am going to show you what I am going to do and if you cannot do it it is perfectly fine you can use your hands, you can use a pole, you can use a spotter or a friend to help you balance and to come up. Basically from this position you are going to shoot straight up and come off the blades of your feet. Another thing is I am on a mat right here and if you are doing it on hard wood floors and you will feel it a lot more. Usually when we train here for Soo Bahk Do so we do it on hard wood floors so basically just breath out. You want to just kind of come like this and you want to keep the reps going and just go right back down again. Get in position. Get in position. That was three reps right there and you can do the same on both sides. A lot of times you will find that you have a certain side that is strong and a certain side that is weaker. I recommend that you do the weaker side first and let the reps count on that side until failure and then do the strong side. It would be easier if you gave the weaker side to catch up. So do the same thing again on the other side, legs crossed, and stand straight up, then back down and back up. That right there was sitting Indian style and shooting straight back up without using your hands and that is a good conditioning tool that you can use. This is Soo Bahk Do and thank you for watching.


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