Stability Ball Ab Exercises: Intermediate Oblique Curls

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Intermediate oblique curls are a great stability ball ab exercise. Learn how to do intermediate oblique curls on a stability ball with tips from a fitness instructor in this free ab exercise video.

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Video Transcript

On an intermediate level oblique curl or lateral flexion you want to make sure that you've mastered just basic with both feet on the floor because we're going to create a little more of a balance challenge by doing knee pulls. It's a very small, controlled movement. The more momentum you have to control, the smaller you want to keep your movement. So come down and put the ball into the small of your back. Take one hand in back of your head just for support. If you need to you can wrap a hand here, around on the side so that forces you to maintain neutral cervical posture with your chin in line with your chest. Or you can have both hands behind the head for guidance, and we're just going to curl up and extend. You want to try to work the same side for about 5 to 10 reps and then keep progressing from there, and then switch and release. Curl in and if you can hold an extension while you're here, release out. So just make sure when you do that that you have control over the momentum before you take one foot off of the floor.


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