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Exercise is the cornerstone of fitness. Here is a free video on rotator cuff exercises to help you in your operation fit!

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Squats are a very dynamic movement. It confuses people a lot. What I want you to think of when you start this movement is you're going to sit in a chair. You want to think of lifting through the top of your head and you got an imaginary chair behind you and you're going to try to aim for that chair. Any lower body exercise, we want to keep the knee in line with the ankle or behind the toe so we don't have that sheering force and loaded flex knee. Again, I want you to just kind of practice once or twice here without any weight before you load anything. A lot of people need to get their form down on a squat before they ever add weight. You're still going to fatigue it here. We're going to push back like we're sitting in that chair. You can use your arms. If you leave them here, try not to press on your knee joint. Just leave them up here or to the side. We're going to think about weight in the heel as we push up. We got them about hip-width apart. Some people, it bothers their knees if they got their feet in right underneath their hips. If you need to come out a little bit, that's good too. Just get it so you're not going to feel it in the knee joint because your primary mover here is going to be the glutes in the back. Hamstrings, quads, everything else works as a unit coming back up, but when we come down that primary mover is going to be the glutes. Again. We're going to push back in that chair, knees behind the toes. Come up. If you look at this from a lateral view, you can see, boom, we got that line -knee, ankle. Pressing back in that chair, and right here as we push that weight off in the heels, we're going to feel it right where we need to feel it. Then, once you got that form down, you want to load it. You're going to pick a weight. You've seen this done with a straight bar and a Smith Press. Simplest thing to do is to grab a pair of hand weights. Big inhale, down, same kind of form. Exhale. You want to leave your chest lifted. Some people will even try to look at the ceiling. The best thing to do is leave your neck in neutral position. Find that chair. Sit back, leave the chest lifted. And again, boom. Press up, right through the heels. If we turn sideways, same form. Push back, weight in heels, head, chest lifted. Squeeze, and leave the knees nice and soft. That'll get you some good glutes going on there, strengthen the glutes.


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