Basic Stances for Youth Wrestling Moves

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Learn basic moves, starting positions, stances, and professional wrestling techniques in this free instructional competitive youth wrestling video.

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Video Transcript

Okay today we’re going to discuss basic competitive wrestling. First thing you need to know is when you start off in wrestling you start off what’s called a neutral position. That is two wrestlers standing on opposing lines standing up facing each other. The object is to take down your opponent and score 2 points for a takedown. Today, I’ll use my associates here Richard Denison and Joshua Derks to go over the basics to show you how a wrestler would get in proper stance. Richard here is going to get in what is known as a sugar foot stance or a sweet foot stance. Richard. Notice one thing about Richard’s stance is that his elbow, shoulder and knee are all in line with his foot. If he turns this way you can see it too where his shoulder, elbow, knee are all in line with his foot. Now, if he turns to face the camera, you can see another thing is that his head is always up. Your head as a wrestler could never be down, because if it’s down you’re not looking at your opponent. Alright, so head is always up. If you move over to here this is Josh. Josh is going to get into basic wide stance. Notice the same thing his back is straight. If he turns this way, you can see his back is straight; he’s not hunched over. If he’s hunched over he can’t look at his opponent so his back is straight. His elbow, his knee and his foot are all basically in line. Now the difference between these two stances is if you’re in the sugar foot stance, as Richard is here, you have a better agility and a better chance of getting a quick shot. Now Richard, I’m going to ask you to do me a favor and just do a quick penetration step. Alright, so he comes in real quick, now whereas Josh is in a wider stance so he has more leverage. He’s got a wider base so he lift and there’s more power. Rather than doing a quick shot, he might want to do something where he gets underneath the arms and he uses his weight and his balance to throw around his opponent. Richard could you come back here for a sec. Alright if you notice Josh is in a wide stance, so now if you see the distance between his feet are shoulder weight apart. This gives you more stability and a better base, whether the opponent is riding high or up towards your head it works very well in that situation.


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