Edging Control in a Hole for Beginning Kayaking Tricks

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Learn how to use edge control in a hole for more balance on tricks in this free kayak video and beginning kayaking lesson.

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Video Transcript

You can think of edging in a hole as if you’re looking at a clock. When my bow’s at twelve o’clock and I’m in line with the current I don’t need to edge on my boat, but I can edge either way. As I move my boat to three o’clock toward shore I’ll be increasing my edge. How much edge that I need depends on the hole that you’re in. You want to match your edge to the current for a nice smooth ride. The more edge you dig in, the more you get pulled downstream or get a bouncier ride. If you don’t have enough you flip. So when I get to three o’clock, I’m matching my edge to the current as my boat spins downstream my edge begins to level off again until I’m at six o’clock, once I’m at six I can be flat. As my boat comes back to nine, I bring my edge up again and then from nine to twelve I’m going to begin to get my boat flat again. Okay, so you have to edge for where your boats pointed in relationship to the current, you can’t edge just because you want to do a sweep stroke or begin a turn, you have to keep in mind where the currents hitting you and how much edge you need.


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