Clean & Core a Pineapple

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Learn how to clean and core a pineapple in this free fruit and produce video with easy cooking tips and techniques.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I’m Louis Ortiz on behalf of Expert Village and we’re back to show you how to complete the cleaning of a pineapple. We’ve taken off the top and the base as well so that we have some nice squared ends to work with it’s a little less dangerous that way, I’ve taken off just did some shallow cuts around this guy to take the skin off to show you the divots and such that we’re trying to actually get around. So we’re going to cut just a little bit deeper along this guy to remove those…and you just want to be careful not to cut too deep so that we can get the highest amount yield possible out of this guy since we went to the trouble to buy a whole one and clean it ourselves and then again much easier to do this job with a sharp knife and cut from the top down obviously it’s a lot safer. I’m pretty much just following the sections that I use before in the initial cuts to take that first top layer skin off, alright any of those little divots that are left over we can pretty much just clean around and off of there. Okay so we’re trimming this out, alright so I’m going to go ahead and cut down the middle from the top I’ll separate this into two pieces and we’re going to go ahead and cut from the top down the middle and I want to stay in the middle of this core so that I can remove it from these sections I’ll show you how we do that. Alright so we’ve got this guy into quarters and all I’m going to do is cut this way to remove the core…just follow it and now cut that in half this way and now we’ll have some pineapple chunks and that’s that, so we’ve got a nice clean piece of pineapple the core’s been removed and we’ll repeat the process for the other quarters there and it’s a done deal.


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