Using Can Openers For Making Green Bean Casserole

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How to use a can openers when making green bean casserole; get expert tips on a classic American casserole recipe in this free cooking video..

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Video Transcript

I'm going to show you how to make a green bean casserole as part of your delicious Thanksgiving day dinner. Before we start making our green bean casserole, I thought it would make sense to talk about can openers and the different of cans that we'll be having. So much of what our recipe requires is going to come from a can. There are 2 basic different types of can openers. The first type, which is the most common, is going to cut around the inside of the can, which is going to leave a sharp edge on the cad lid. This could be dangerous. If you have small children, or like me, if you're just a cluts. The second type of can opener is going to cut around the bottom of the can top so that you have a nice smooth edge. It's a lot harder to hurt yourself on it. This is also more difficult to use and it take a little bit of practice. First, the regular can opener, the one's that are most common. You can hear it breaking the seal as you open it. You also have to worry about liquid spilling out. This is unfortunately a draw back to this type because the cutting edge is going get liquid on it just from cutting through the can. The other type of can opener you have to carefully place on the edge. Open and then squeeze it. You won't hear any breaking of the seal. Then you go completely around the can, which is also more difficult to see because you don't have a lid popping up. Once you are completely around the edge, you're going to go back until it pops off and then you have a nice smooth lid, which is hard to cut yourself on. The other benefit is that you're not going to get any liquid on the cutting edge because it doesn't ever go inside the can.


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