Filling The Baby Stroller Centerpiece With Fruit

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How to make the wheels for the baby stroller fruit centerpiece and fill it with fruit; learn more about decorating your kitchen in this free instructional video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Carve Fruit Centerpieces
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Video Transcript

Now I'm going to show you how to display our baby carriage watermelon. I've chosen a nice oval platter to go with our oval shaped baby carriage. You can choose anything that you like. If you want you can line the platter with lettuce leaves. I'm not going to because I like the white lacy look of this platter with our baby carriage. I'm just going to set it on there. Now, you want to take some nice strong wooden skewers and you're going to take an orange because we're going to cut orange slices to fit on there. In fact, you can precut the orange slices. Make them fairly thick. Don't make them too thin or they'll get wealthy. You may actually not use the ends of orange, just the center, to get some nice thick wheels. You hold the wheel up to judge where the skewer will go in. You just push the skewer in. If it's difficult to push in, you can mark and poke a hole with a knife first and then push it in. Then you want to be careful where it's coming out on the other side. You may want to manipulate it a little bit until it comes out on the other side. Now, this skewer is very long. After we put our fruit on it we can cut it off. We're going to need 4 wheels. Down over here by the handle section we're going to put another skewer through and it's coming out here. Now, we'll put our wheels on like that and like that. On the other side you'll do the same. Then you'll want to hold them on with a piece of fruit. You can use grape, you can use strawberries if you have strawberries in season. I like these grapes. If you want real fancy you can put a kiwi there and then something else. You do that on both sides. Now we're going to fill. We're going to take the watermelon that we took out of the watermelon we're going to put back in now. You can just dump that all in there. Then you might want to add a variety of other fruits to mix in there. I have some honeydew melon; some purple grapes, some green grapes, and then you fill it up to make it look nice and full.


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