Rolling Chicken Enchiladas

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How to roll chicken into an enchilada to make chicken enchiladas; learn more about making traditional Mexican and Tex-Mex food in this free cooking video.

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Video Transcript

We're going to move on with our chicken enchiladas. As you can see, I got my enchilada sauce over. It's nicely reduced down. You definitely want to taste it before you serve it because you don't want it to taste bad so taste your enchilada sauce guys. If tastes bad add more seasoning. Mine tastes good so I'm just going to leave it like it is. You want to get one spoon full and spread that down at the bottom of your pan. That way you enchiladas are not sticking to the bottom. You want to just lightly do that. As far as rolling enchiladas, you want to get one of these and the enchilada sauce is somewhat hot. It's not so hot to where you're burning yourself, but it's a nice consistency. You want to get that and completely just drench this in sauce. A lot of people what they do is they get their enchiladas and they stick them in oil and they do this. I'm just going to do this that way I'm not having some greasy greasy enchiladas. Stick the enchilada down and you want to grab a little pinch of cheese. You kind want to spread that around that way the cheese is on the bottom layer. Grab a couple of pieces of chicken here and there and lightly do that. Add a little more cheese right on top of that. If you want to add a little bit of spinach, you can do that. I'm going to go ahead and do that, that way there's another little filing in there. Or you can add cilantro if you'd like that. I have cilantro. I'm just going to leave it like that. What you want to do is you want to get one fold and then the other fold and you want to lay it down just like that. You don't want to over stuff your enchiladas. You want to leave them just like that. If you get a couple tears in your tortilla that's okay because they're going to get messy anyways. That is making your chicken enchilada.


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