Mix Ingredients for Homemade Donuts

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Learn about mixing the ingredients for traditional homemade donuts with expert cooking tips in this free recipe video.

Part of the Video Series: Homemade Donut Recipes
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Video Transcript

Now we are going to mix all the ingredients together. We are going to start with the flour put it in make a little whale. Put inside the dry yeast, the sugar, the vanilla sugar, the wine and then we are going to put the water on top. Now we are going to take the oil and put it around the two egg yolks. You can put it in the middle and now we are going to start mixing from the middle. After it is mixed up a little bit, we are going to sprinkle the salt on top. (mixing dough) When you make a dough, you should always have extra flour next to you in case it gets a little bit sticky like this one. I'm just going to put a little bit more cause it is sticky. But it should be a very soft dough. Here we go. Now I'm going to take a little bit of flour and sprinkle around it cause when it rises it is going to get a little bit stickier. I'm going to take a plastic bag and cover it because plastic makes it hard. Of course, it does not let it breath as much and it is going to rise much faster. Although you can take a towel, if you don't want to use plastic, and just cover it with a towel but it takes a little bit longer to rise. We are going to let it rise for about, if you put a towel it is a hour. With the plastic it is about half a hour to forty-five minutes.


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