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And today, we're planning a Sunday brunch. So, the thing with brunch is, is you have so many options as what you could do. You could do something savory. You could do something sweet. You could do something egg-based, like a frittata, or traditional, which is what I feel like doing today. I was thinking pancakes or I could do waffles, crepe. But one thing I haven't had in a long time, some french toast. So we're going to start with some french toast. On the side, I was thinking, everybody always has bacon, right? It's a special occasion kind of brunch food. But, when I make it, I find it half of the bacon grease ends up on my face, which is really lovely as I'm bringing the guests into the house. So I will show you a really easy way to do it in the oven, so that it doesn't splatter up on you, and also it's going to be nice and hot when your guests arrived and you're not messing around with the pots and pans as they come in the door. And then, I was thinking as a side bread, I would do the traditional banana muffins. I've got some bananas that are just about ready to be used for that. They're a little bit riper than I would eat them normally, so it's perfect to use them that way. And as a drink of course, you could do a cocktail, first thing in the morning. It is a party, so you could have a cocktail I suppose. But I prefer not myself. And so, I'm going to make a smoothie. And the smoothie's going to be great because, depending on what time you might host your brunch, your guest may eat breakfast real early and they're not that hungry by the time they come or people might just not eat at all in the morning and are ravenous by the time they arrived. So, at least the blueberry smoothie won't fill them up too much, 'cause I'll keep it nice and light with the ingredients, but it'll sort of take the edge off, so they're not, you know, dying. So that's it. We're going to do the French toast, the bacon, the smoothie and the banana bread. So let's get started.


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