How to Serve Bruschetta

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Learn about cutting and plating your bruschetta, which is the last step in serving this delicious bread recipe, in this free cooking video on how to make bruschetta.

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Video Transcript

Today we're talking about recipes for those who are on a diabetic diet. All right, at this point, you'll see we already have our topping on our bread and our bread's been cut. Everything's ready to go. So the last step we need to do before plating is go ahead and take that cheese we grated earlier and to put it on top. So you just want to sprinkle a piece. So you want to sprinkle each piece with remaining cheese. And we have a little bit extra in here because we stated that we were grating more for later. Just make it a little bit nice and pretty. If you noticed earlier, the cheese and the bruschetta was mixing -- or the cheese and the topping was mixing earlier and so you really couldn't see it. This is more of an aesthetic value, and it's a really nice topping you put on there. You can also put some actual fresh basil on there if you want to, but this is what we've got for so far. All right, now we're going to be on final step. We're going to plate our brushetta. What we're going to do is take one piece on a round plate and get the point and point. Grab the next piece and do the exact same thing. You want to turn it a little bit so this way, this edge is on this piece. And we're going to do the exact same thing. If you notice, we're doing a little star pattern. And just keep on placing them. And now, we just need to do one more. Fill in the gaps. This is a great thing to get if you have six pieces. We have one piece left. That just means it's a piece for us to eat or you can find a different creative way for you to plate it yourself. And clean it up as you go. Another way you can do it is grab -- having a long plate and just having them go side by side, similar to what we had earlier.


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