How to Add Seasonings to Rotisserie Chicken Recipe

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Learn how to add butter and seasonings for rotisserie chicken with gravy with expert cooking tips in this free comfort food cuisine video clip.

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Video Transcript

I am going to show you how to make a Rotisserie Chicken. So I am back and you might have some extra ends that you might want to just kind of snip off and that will prevent them from burning. It's not good to have so if you have extra string. You want to get some good non-stick cooking spray and give it a good spray on both sides. What this will do is it will hold all your seasonings or all of your spices that we are going to put on. They won't fall off while the rotisserie is spinning. You know there is a lot of juice in cooking a chicken in a rotisserie which is great. It baste itself which is what you want. That is the beauty of a rotisserie. When I season my chicken, I use Herb chicken. It's simple. Go into your spice rack at your deli or your supermarket and just look for an Herb chicken one. Give it a good coating of Herb chicken. Do all of it. You see what is great about that non-stick spray it holds, look how nice everything is holding and you are going to see this is going to be great. I keep it in a plate too because as it expands and whatever falls off, the plate catches it and by doing that I don't waste anything. As it turns, it will pick up stuff off the plate. So you get that on. That's your one spice. Throw some in the middle. When I come back, we are going to keep spicing this chicken up here on Expert Village.


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