How to Tie Beef Flank Steak

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Learn how to tie beef flank steak with expert cooking tips in this free meat recipe video clip.

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Video Transcript

Now it is time to tie our roulade and I know where this is where a lot of people also get a little intimidated. It does take a few times to figure out but just keep it and keep practicing and I promise you get it. So here is the way that I like to tie it and there is more then one way to do it. But this is my preferred method. I take a little bit of string and I'm going to slide it underneath under the roulade here. My first step is to make a knot on to this roulade. I'm going to get nice and tight. Perfect! From here I'm going to use some more of my string and I'm going to come about half way down the distance of the roulade and I'm going to bring my string through. I'm going to tighten it up here. If you just pull it you would see that it tightens. You see here I'm going to keep it down in the middle. I'm going to do it one more time and if your roulade is longer then just keep doing it until you get to the end of your roulade. It does not have to look perfect it just has to hold your meat together. This is what it is going to help keep it from falling apart whenever it is in the oven. This is perfect I got my last little tie here. What I'm going to do is I'm very carefully going to roll it over and all I'm going to do is go down the length of the roulade to the other side and roll it over one more time. This really keeps it held together in a nice little package. I'm going to take that string that was left over from my initial tie and tie it up. From here I'm just going to trim the excess string and now we are ready to go with our roulade.


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