How to Cook Crab Cakes

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How to prep your pan and cook your crab cakes; learn this and more in this free online instructional cooking video about seafood taught by an expert.

Part of the Video Series: How to Cook Lobster, Crab, and Shrimp
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Video Transcript

All right we are back to show you the final cooking procedure for the made from scratch crab cakes. I've got a non-stick Teflon saute pan here with some clarified butter. I've got this nice and hot and we want a really nice and hot pan with some nice hot clarified butter so that we get a good nice sear out of these guys. So I did a final breading procedure in the previous video with some Panko which are Japanese bread crumbs on these guys and we let them sit in the refrigerator and chill and firm up a little bit, so they are ready to go. So I am going to go ahead and drop these guys in and you can hear we've got a good sizzle coming off of these guys once they hit the pan. So we are going to go ahead and crank the fire up. If you will notice that I did int use a whole lot of the clarified butter in there simply because I don't want these guys taking on a bunch of oil. The only reason I am doing that is just because the clarified butter has a nice rich nutty aroma to it and a nutty flavor that imparts on the foods that are cooked in it. So I am really just using enough oil to keep these guys sliding around so that I get a nice good sear on both sides. After I have seared them on both sides, I've got my oven preheated already to about 350 degrees and I'll put this whole saute pan in the oven and just let that heat from all around get to them and they will start to draw up a little and they will be nice and dry and there won't be any residual oil on them. So I've got a fish spatula here which I like to use for these guys. It's fluted, its curved this way, it keeps the food from sticking a lot of times when you grill fish and things; that the reason it is called a fish spatula. I like using it for things like crab cakes and such as well. I'm not going to exert a whole lot of pressure onto the pan because I don't want to scratch the Teflon. Again, these work really nice for these crab cakes. So we are just going to kind of move these around and I'll peek up under here periodically to see what kind of color I am getting out of them and we are getting a good color but they are not done yet. So we'll come right back and I'll show you the color that we are looking for on both sides of these guys and then we'll put these in the oven and after about 3 minutes in the oven, it will be a done deal.


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