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Learn about all the ingredients you will need for making ceviche in this free recipe video about making your own ceviche recipe at home.

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Video Transcript

KEILLY MORRIS: Today, we have a lot of ingredients right here; we're going with the classic ceviche. So our ingredients are just these right here. So our method and step of cooking that we're going to take today, we're going to go with the light, light boil for our jumbo prawns right there, and those are jumbo prawn tiger shrimp. So to me these are extremely good. They're nice and thick, nice and meaty as well. You're going to get a good bite off of this and possibly even two. So second, we're going with just a store-bought salsa, and this is great moms or for kids. Kids love this kind of stuff, anything with some type of light shrimp. As a kid growing up, I love shrimp. So we a little bit of store-bought salsa. These are crostinis right here that we're going with, okay? Just simple. And you can use any type of French baguette, anything to that nature, whatever fits your budget. A little bit of cubed butter right there, some chopped garlic. Here we have a mixture of chopped Vidalia onions, as well as chopped shallots. These are our spices right here. I love to go with the sea salt as opposed to the table salt; a little bit more grainy but definitely gives a better finish. A little bit of fresh cracked black pepper. Just a little bit of seafood seasoning, just kinda give our shrimp a little bit of a kick to it. Last but not least, the mother of all spices, Old Bay, tying in with the shrimp. So these are our ingredients right here, and this is our--this is going to be our garnish platter. So that is it right there, very simple, very easy. You have six things right there.


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