How to Mix Croutons for Stuffing

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How to mix croutons into stuffing to make a stuffed turkey, including tips and tricks to use in the kitchen; learn this and more in this free cooking video taught by expert Chef Donno.

Part of the Video Series: Chef Donno's Stuffed Turkey Recipe
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Video Transcript

Hi, welcome back. Today we're working on our roasted turkey. We're going to stuff the turkey, roast it, serve it up with some pan gravy. I think you'll really like it. What we need to do first is work on our dressing, okay? What I typically use are seasoned croutons. It's quick, easy; they're already seasoned. You can use fresh bread, if you like. I go with the croutons, What I do is put the croutons in a bowl. I'm going to add chicken base; we'll go two teaspoons, there's one; there's two. We'll add a little bit of black pepper. You don't want to over season this. Again; the croutons are seasoned. We'll just lightly season it. A little bit of black pepper. There isn't black pepper in the croutons, so we want to add that. A little bit of dry basil; maybe a teaspoon, like so. Now we'll add our eggs; three eggs. Add a little bit of water. A little bit being maybe a half cup. Now we're going to mix this up. The reason I do this first; I'm going to give the croutons time to absorb the moisture, so by the time we're done dicing and sauteeing our vegetables to finish this, the croutons will be softened, and it will be just like stuffing. It will have a soft consistency so we can work with it in the turkey. We want to mix this thoroughly, make sure the croutons are wet, then we will set it aside. That looks good; remove the gloves. We'll set this aside. What we're going to do next is dice our apples, carrot, celery and onions. Once that's done, we're going to saute these ingredients, and add the cranberries. Once the cranberries are al dente almost; just tender, but not overcooked; you don't want to overcook the cranberries. Once that's done, we'll add it to our stuffing mixture, and wrap everything together.


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