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Looking for a easy but filling meal for dinner? Why not pot roast? Learn how to serve this hearty dish with expert cooking tips in this free recipe video.

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Today, I'm going to take a few minutes and show you how to make pot roast. All right, I'm going to show you a couple of different presentation techniques. In one, we're just going to take an actual plate here, and we'll set some of the beef over here, get three or four ounces of beef over here. And then we'll do a couple of ounces of potato over here next to it. Made a little bit of a mess. And we'll put our carrot down over here. And this way, we get a nice separation. You get your traditional starch, veg, potato setup that we're all so familiar with. This is, like I said, this is just one way to serve this. And what you would do then is on top of your beef, you just take some of the gravy that you've made or the sauce, if you will, and just ladle that right over the top as so. And that is certainly one way to serve it. Obviously, you want to wipe the plate off back here. Let's do that real quick. And this is one really -- I think this is a nice, clean way to serve this, a nice, traditional way to serve this. You have all your meat and potatoes and your vegetables separate. This is one way to serve it. This is the way that you'll see it a lot of times in restaurants, all separated out nice and neat. Now, I'm going to take a second, I'm going to show you the other way that you'll probably be used to seeing it. And in this way of serving it, you'll see that -- I just got a little extra gravy on top. This is the way where if you don't separate it, if you don't strain it all, it comes right out of the pot with the sauce all over it. It's all cooked in the sauce still, cooked in the gravy. And this is another way that's very, very popular that you'll see it. There's really no true advantage or disadvantage to either way. It's just a matter of presentation preference. Both of them taste exactly the same, both of them are excellent dishes. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. I enjoyed making it, and I'm about to go eat myself some wonderful pot roast for dinner. Other than that, look for more of my videos on Expert Village, and have a good day.


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