How to Add Seasoning Rub to Beef Tenderloins

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Learn about adding seasoning to beef tenderloins from a professional caterer in this free recipe video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Make Beef Tenderloin Medallions
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You can get regular kitchen string at the hardware store or at the supermarket or a specialty store that provides foods for kitchens and cooking and all that. To wrap a beef tenderloin I like to make a nice big knot so it is easy to get rid of afterwards but you just kind of take your kitchen string, you're going to measure it to at least twice the width of the beef tenderloin and you are just going to at the very tip run a string around it and adhere the loose flat part of the meat at the head of it and just give it a nice pull, there, that's wrapped, simple and easy, no mystery and there's the back side of the beef. Isn't that beautiful? Now I am going to take some of this rub that we made earlier. It's got the garlic and the herbs and the fresh rosemary, cracked salt and pepper and I am just going to healthfully slather it all over the beef tenderloin so that it's got lots of nooks and crannies and it is filled with this delicious infused flavor. When you make your marinade here, your rub, you may want to reserve some of it ahead of time because once you've touched the meat and this part of the dry rub you cannot use it again. You have to throw it away unless you are cooking more meat because you're going to be cross contaminating and we have learned in the past that is very very bad. You don't want raw meat or any other raw poultry bacterium to mingle with anything else. No one wants to get sick at a catered party. Alright our dry rub is going to sit on here for a few minutes while we go to the stove and we're going to preheat our oven griddle so come on with me.


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