How to Make Bruschetta Party Appetizers

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Learn how to make bruschetta holiday party appetizers in this easy snack recipe video from our authority on delicious snacks and house parties.

Part of the Video Series: Party Appetizers for Holiday Catering
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Video Transcript

Ok, so now it's time to use these crostini that we've made. I started by dicing 6 Roma tomatoes and I want to use the Roma tomatoes because they've got less water in them than say a hot house tomato 'cause you don't want your brushetta to be all soggy. Brushetta is just one of those crowd pleasing appetizers and yet and it's so simple but I'm so surprised as to when I go out to a restaurant and it's just plain tomatoes on top of not even crispy bread and just with some cheddar cheese melted on it. I want the kick of the garlic. I want to taste those fresh herbs or this fresh basil right out of the garden. And the nice strong Parmigianino reggiano, which has been freshly grated - you don't want any of the stuff from the can. It's worth spending the money on. So, I'm going to put lots and lots of cheese on there because well, is there such a thing as too much cheese? I don't think so. Then because I want the taste of the garlic, but I don't want it to be so overpowering, that that's all you can taste or smell and all of your guests. So what I've done is taken one clove of garlic and I covered it in olive oil and put in the microwave for about 40 seconds that infuses the oil and takes the real kick out of the garlic, making it less intensive. So, put it, that in there. And then a splash of balsamic vinegar, maybe more than a splash. Just combine it and you'll find the good thing about the cheese not only is it flavorful, it's really delicious, but it adds the salt and it absorbs the liquid of the other ingredients. Ok, just another splash of the balsamic vinegar. You have the strong flavors of the vinegar, and the cheese, the basil, the garlic. That's done. See how fast that was. Take one of these little crostini, spoon it on. You might want to do this over the bowl because tomatoes are notorious for running away from you when you're spooning them. And that is really it. That's it. Find a really beautiful platter, and just line up all your appetizers like that and your brushetta's done.


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